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Mobile Car Cleaning Chermside

My name is Robin and I operate Express Mobile Car Cleaning around the area of Chermside.

I offer a range of services like the Express wash and Grand Express detail. These services are targeted at anyone with a vehicle and all different budgets, so you can protect your asset. The cheapest service that I can provide is 39.95. It is a mobile service which can be done at almost any location your car goes, home, work or other. Every time you use the service, your vehicle will get the attention it needs, when finished it will appear at its best, you may not know your car afterwards and be happy to get in it and drive, you will save time needed for more important things, your friends will be jealous that you have a clean car, you can tell everyone you did the work yourself or help us spread the word about our fantastic services. There are always opportunities for discounts as a way of inspiring and rewarding customers. Now that you know about my business I am sure you will make the right decision when it comes to your vehicle or you can keep this information in mind and one day you will be surprised when you see exactly what I do. Give it a try I say and I will be more than happy do whatever I can for you. For all customers I can guarantee that you won’t be treated like a number and I will always strive to provide great services for everyone.


Great services include:

  • Full exterior eco friendly waterless or water wash
  • Carpets and/or seats shampooed
  • Complete super polish
  • Leather and fabric protection
  • Guaranteed paint protection


Some of the areas we service are:

Chermside, Chermside West, Wavell Heights, Kedron, Geebung, Zillmere, Taigum, Woolowin, Gordon Park, Lutwyche
Express Car Cleaning also have operators Australia wide.