The Express Network

20 reasons to choose Express Business Australia

  1. It’s affordable; while other franchise opportunities are $20,000-$85,000 Express franchises are as little as $5,950 + GST.
  2. Express offers a great support network. Franchisees will be supported by National, State and Regional Master Franchisors as well as by the Head Office team.
  3. Express has a national 1300 number that allows customers to call up and Head Office will forward these leads to the closest franchisee.
  4. Unlike other franchising companies, Express Business Australia doesn’t charge franchisees any lead fees for enquiries that come through on the National 1300 number.
  5. All Marketing collateral is supplied. Express Business Group has a marketing team that supply artwork for any brochures, flyers or any other marketing including organising shopping centre promotions.
  6. Owning an Express franchise means that franchisees can work their own hours. There are no limitations on the number of job booked and there is no limitation on the amount of money earned.
  7. Express Business Australia gives franchisees the opportunity to train at the Brisbane Head Office.
  8. Franchisees will be supplied with all the equipment required to start a business including initial product.
  9. Express Business Australia has a great internet presence. When customers are looking for someone to provide an excellent service, Express will be able to assist.
  10. Express Business Australia has a professional IT department that will manage franchisee’s websites including any changes requested. Express also has a Facebook page that is updated regularly with new franchisees and any promotions happening around Australia.
  11. Express offers franchisees with exclusive service areas. Once these areas are purchased, any leads that come through will go directly to the franchisee. This also allows franchisee to hold special deals to their direct franchise area.
  12. Express Business Australia is a nationwide company with small business ideals. The most important thing to Express Business Australia is happy customers and happy franchisees.
  13. Express holds weekly shopping centre promotions all around Australia, this gives franchisees the opportunity to promote directly to customers and expand their businesses.
  14. Express has over 28 service divisions to choose from, from lawn mowing to bookkeeping there is a service to suit everyone.
  15. From day one Express Head Office offers franchisees with ongoing support. With teams in Franchise Support, Customer Service, IT and Marketing, franchisees have access to the tools to ensure their business is a success.
  16. Work close to home: no need to commute for 2 hours for work every day when Express Business Australia gives franchisees the opportunity to work exclusively in their own area, close to home.
  17. Express Business Australia has an online portal available that allows franchisee to easily communicate to Head Office to order any product or get assistance in Marketing and IT.
  18. Ongoing national campaigns: Express frequently organises national campaigns to get the Express name out there and promote all services.
  19. Business coaches to help get the business off the ground: Express has a team of professional business coaches who are available to assist franchisees especially in early stages of the business to help build the business and help franchisees succeed.
  20. BE YOUR OWN BOSS! Why work for someone else when you can work for yourself?